What is corona virus? Symptoms of corona virus


Hello friends my name is Dr. Ranjit Singh From Techshole.com and welcome you to this important post, in this we will tell you what Corona Virus is and what is called Corona Virus. And how you can avoid this dangerous Corona virus, we will tell you in easy detail in this article.

What is corona virus?

Friends tell you for your information that the symptoms of this Corona virus have been shown first in the country of China in Asia. After this, the risk of corona virus is increasing in other countries as well. China is the most affected country by friends Corona virus. Till now millions of people have been affected by this virus.

Corona virus is an infection and fatal disease. Corona is spread by peeking and coughing of any person. Actually, scientists have also said that the Corona virus has spread more than human interaction with animals. It is believed that such a deadly virus has never been found in this world before. First of all, the corona virus suddenly appeared on people living in Wuhan city of China. The Corona virus makes humans suffer from breathing difficulties and symptoms like cough and cold. The most worrying thing is that vaccines or medicines have not yet been available for the prevention of corona virus.

Symptoms of Corona virus

Friends, if a person has severe cold, first of all, contact the doctor. Because the symptoms of this dangerous Corona virus are cold, cold and shortness of breath. The Corona virus is spreading very fast in countries other than China and you should avoid it.
Actually Experts also believe that this virus is more active on cold days and as the heat or temperature will increase. – Click Here To Read More About Corona Virus



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