Morning Desert Safari -Witness The Magical Sunrise

Morning Desert Safari -Witness The Magical Sunrise

Morning desert safari offers visitors the to witness the magical sunrise. If you are a morning person & love to explore sunrise this guide is ideal for you

Are you looking for the best time-saving itineraries in the desert of Dubai? Your holidays in Dubai are incomplete without visiting its conservation reserve. The joy is doubled when you find the right time to experience the peace and serenity of a place. A morning desert safari Dubai is the exact place you need to visit if you want to save your evenings. It’s a perfect paradise for people who admire the beauty of nature. Because the serene sunrise at the dunes compels every beholder. So scroll down your screens to know how magical the mornings are at the dunes of Dubai.


Morning Delight of Desert Safari in Dubai

Morning Desert Safari - Witness the Magical Sunrise. Latest Articles andL Blogs. Morning Delight of Desert Safari in Dubai

Witness the Spellbound Sunrise

Meet your new self after soaking up in the morning rays of sunlight. The magic of the rising sun unveils the morning glory of the barren. Watching new dawn from your campsite is the utmost pleasure for nature admirers. Sunrise at the Arabian dunes is enjoyed not only by poets by heart and wanderers by soul but also by photographers. Many of them visit solely for the purpose of taking some upstage shots of the sun, rising over the high dunes. Find yourself lost in the occult of early morning hours when the wheel barrel is sound and still. Your mornings would never be the same once you live one at the dunes.


The Venturous Camel Ride

Camel ride is a must-try venture whenever you visit the barren of Dubai. Absorb the refreshing breezes, exhaling your worries out. A camel ride in the early morning offers a scenic view from over the camel’s back. A nomadic adventure cannot be considered completed unless navigating a camel. Camels are the heritage animal and ancient modes of transport of the Arabs. Ride a camel to wander in the far-spread golden sand sea and soak up in the stillness of desert safari.


Great Opportunities for Thrill-Seekers

The terrain of Dubai is a tempting ground for adrenaline-junkies. Experience an exhilarating 15 to 30 minutes of a ride in a 4×4 SUV while dune bashing. A hummer, land cruiser, wrangler, or dune buggy are the means of taking you to extreme thrill. The terrain seems bustling with 4WDs whenever you visit it due to its most witting sport. After receiving the instructions from the experts, fasten your seat belts to roll over the maddening Arabian sand dunes. Quad biking is also opted by many adrenaline junkies who love to surf in action. Practice your balancing skills on a sandboard and surf the crests and troughs of the high dunes of Arabia. These enthralling sand activities are a great option for those who ask for a dare.


The Traditional Arabian Customs

The campsites of desert safari reflect the customs of Arabs. These are brimmed with attractive details themed on the Bedouin’s lifestyle. Also, there are various entertaining activities going on at the campsite. Get henna tattoos on your hands and feet. Try traditional Arabian dresses of different colors and pose in the beige ambiance of the dunes. Falconry is another heritage hunting activity of the Bedouins. It offers you to observe the luring action of the national bird in the sand. Posing with the hawks and eagle owls is a quintessential thing to try at desert safari.


Opportunity to Click Your Best Shots

Capture the breathtaking views of sunrise, silhouettes of the flying birds, and attractive campsites. The golden sand ripples are picturesque during the fall of newly born sun rays. Spot the running oryx, hoping gazelles, desert owls, sand cats, and leopards. You have a chance to discover the unique wildlife of desert safari and capture some good shots for your blog. 


Travel enthusiasts love to witness the magical mornings at the golden Arabian dunes. Desert safari unveils the hidden treasures of the UAE that can only be found upon visiting it. So when are you planning your visit to this exquisite wonder of the middle east?


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