The Essence Of A Thesis Statement In A Research Paper

The Essence Of A Thesis Statement In A Research Paper

A thesis statement is a critical part of your essay. Your readers should conclude the whole article by reading it. In most cases, students treat it as the last sentence of the first paragraph without giving it the attention it needs. Read on to learn the purpose of a thesis statement in a research paper.


The Essence Of A Thesis Statement In A Research Paper

What is a thesis statement?

It’s the summary of an essay. Its work is more than being the last sentence of the first paragraph. A thesis statement informs your readers about your intentions in the paper. They decide to either read on or peruse another article. 

You might ask, how long is a thesis statement? Your thesis statement should be one sentence long. Yes! You summarize twenty pages document in one line. Students get shocked when they hear this. The short version helps you to be particular with your essay. It prevents you from going out of topic. 

Let’s look at its essence.

A thesis statement shows your stand on the essay

Have you read a paper and you couldn’t get the purpose of the article? You find the document has many opinions, and you can’t exactly figure out which one is the main idea of the article. Informal writing can be that confusing. An academic journal would, however, discard such a paper 

A thesis statement helps you to make a stand right from the beginning. It gives details of what you will talk about in the essay and how you will defend it.

Anyone reading your thesis statement should have all the answers that may pop up in the middle of the paper. For instance, are you opposing a popular idea? How will you achieve it?

It shows your contribution on a subject of study

You will not be the first to research a topic in an academic field. Everything you do is a repetition of someone’s work, with a few modifications unless it’s a discovery. For instance, people studying the COVID 19 pandemic are borrowing ideas from the 1918 Spanish flu. 

Your thesis statement shows what new ideas you are bringing to the table. For instance, are there novice discoveries? Do you want to oppose a famous scholar? The questions determine whether your audience will continue reading your paper. 

A thesis statement shows how you will bridge the gap. It tells your reader how your contribution gives more information on what is little known. It identifies the gap in the field of study and explains how it will provide more details. 

It explains the epistemology of your research 

Your thesis statement should give more information on how you will conclude your research. The challenging thing is that you have to put it in one sentence. You include things like the significance of the study and your originality.

A thesis statement gives your paper a direction 

A thesis statement is your paper’s map. It tells how and when to write your ideas and brings you back on the truck every time you want to stray off the topic. 

It acts like an alarm reminding you of your duty to stay focused. Every time you want to put irrelevant ideas as you write your research paper fast, you will remember the thesis statement and what it stands for. 

It answers all questions that may pop up in the essay

Due to its clear explanation, a thesis statement can stand against any controversy that may arise in your report. It’s not always that people will love your work. Some are there to throw in some questions or to challenge your credibility. Pointing them to the beginning of the essay may soften them and answer their questions. 

A thesis statement gives a scope of your research 

Your thesis statement helps you define your boundaries. Each analysis has a particular confinement line. It’s impossible to research a whole industry. Researchers take a section of the industry and concentrate on it. 

For instance, you can deal with limitations or organizational culture. Your thesis statement defines this scope. To what extent will you go on your subject of study? What do you promise to include? What will you leave out? 

Tips for writing a thesis statement

Write your thesis statement after completing your essay. It gives you a clear view of what you have discussed in the report. You can jot it in one line. 

People change their thesis statements several times before settling on one. Instead of wasting all that time, decide on your aim when you have written the whole paper. 

Key Take Away

The article has made it clear the purpose of writing a thesis statement. The most crucial point to remember is its critical role in directing your paper. You can, however, look for experts to help you write a perfect thesis statement for your masters and avoid frustrations from your lecturer. 


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