Building A Popcorn Bar At Your House

Building a popcorn bar at your house

Building A Popcorn Bar At Your HouseContrary to popular belief, making a cute popcorn bar for your event is not that difficult to do. It is a very cute thing to do, and not many people can pull off the perfect popcorn bars. There are a few things that you need when you tend to make your bar at home. Nonetheless, all you need is motivation to do it and you are good to go.

One most amazing thing is that popcorn bars can be made for any party whatsoever. They are loved by people of all ages and so if you are thinking of making one at home for your next get-together, you should go for it. You will however be needing custom popcorn boxes to put your delicious flavors of popcorn inside. Do not worry if you ever are in a bit of a hurry for a last-minute event, many packaging companies have express deliveries that will make your custom cardboard boxes for events without charging you huge amounts of money.

Here are a few steps to make a popcorn bar at your home.

Choose the perfect lighting

Before setting up your bar table, choose the corner of the house that is well lit and easily accessible to all the guests. You want to make it easier for the guests to reach that snack table. Choosing something inaccessible like your bedroom or the porch will just be a waste of time. If you are investing your time into making something, try to do so where the guests can appreciate it.

A wooden table

It is not necessary to go for a wooden table, you can choose any at your home. However, a small cute wooden table will be easy to accessorize and handy as well. You can adjust so many things on it and there will be a smaller chance of it being destroyed due to manhandling. If there are children on the guest list, go for a wooden table.

Appropriate custom boxes

Once you have selected the place where you want to make the popcorn bar, the most essential step comes in. You have to decorate it properly. For decorations, you can choose ribbons, labels, and cute designed flowers that go well with the theme.

But besides all this, the containers need to be perfect as well. They need to have appropriate sizes that contrast each other. You should always put different sizes of boxes. This is because one shaped box on the table will not look as pretty as different shapes, colors, and sizes.

Try labeling them with beautiful printing done on them that matches the theme of the event. For example, for a bridal shower, you can have the packaging company print ‘bride-to-be’ on them.

You can use small lights to enhance the beauty of these boxes as well.

Use different toppings

It is only imperative that if you are using different shapes of popcorn boxes, you need to put different types of toppings in them. The concept of a popcorn bar is basically that the guests should be able to get their loved flavor amongst them. Some of these toppings may include;

Cayenne pepper for people who love spicy food. Garlic powder, cinnamon, or Wasabi powder to be sprinkled on top. If you want to go for a sweeter option then you can have coconut flakes, Chocolate nuts, Sprinkles, and many other more flavors and types.

Try having both the options, spicy and sweet for your guests to choose from. The more versatile toppings, the better will your popcorn bar be. Building a popcorn bar at your house.



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