7 Vlogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

7 Vlogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

So, if you’ve wanted to start making video posts, here’s what you need to see. Then that’s fantastic. BUT…

Before you press the record button, watch the video below to learn about the seven most common vlogging mistakes. And what you should do to stay away from them.

1. Focusing on the screen rather than the lens.

Assuming you’ll be using your smartphone to record your video. Since the screen is larger than the lens on your phone, it’s very tempting to look at yourself on it.

On your phone, the lens is a circle, and that’s where you should be looking and focusing your eye. The screen isn’t the issue.

Obviously, if you’re showing viewers a product or something, you’d look at it like this on a regular basis to draw their attention to it. However, once you look up, keep your gaze fixed on the lens to maintain eye contact with your audience.

2. There’s no performance

Vlogging is a form of presentation, and when you’re giving a presentation, you need to put some effort into it. You could speak in a monotone, non-emotional tone. But what effect do you think it would have on those who are watching?

Keep in mind that you’re attempting to involve people rather than bore them to sleep.

  • So, get dressed.
  • Make an effort to be articulate.
  • Get your voice heard.
  • Make a point of emphasizing keywords and putting on a show for the camera.
  • Show off your vigor. Allow your personality to come through in your presentation.

7 Vlogging Mistakes to Avoid


3. Insufficient lighting or vibration

What good is a video if no one can see or hear you properly?

Since your face will be the center of attention, make sure to:

Pay close attention to the lighting. Make sure there isn’t a lightbulb above your head, as this can trigger strange lighting above and behind you. You don’t need any fancy lighting– simply face a window and let natural light in. Alternatively, make sure you’re in a situation where the light is working for you rather than against you.

Since your voice is the one delivering the message, you must be heard clearly. Invest in a decent microphone that will provide you with better sound quality than your phone’s inbuilt mic. Buy a phone stand from techmong.com to avoid any sort of vibration while recording your video.

4. Failing to explain what the video is about.

When I watch a vlog, I immediately want to know what it’s about. I can then determine whether or not I want to keep watching. As a result, follow the “say, tell, tell” rule.

  • Tell people what you’re going to say at the start of the video.
  • Then tell them – that this is the most important part of your letter.
  • Then remind them what you’ve told them at the end.
  • Use this rule in your videos because it is a golden rule for all ways of presenting.


5. Low (or high) camera angles

Keep an eye on the camera angle. I’ve seen videos where people are seated at their desks and the camera is set at an awkward angle.

As a result, you might be able to see too far up their nose or their neck may be too high.

Check that your lens is at eye level until you begin recording. People want to see your smile rather than your nose.


6. Not Smiling

A simple smile will help you communicate with your audience.

I’ve seen a lot of videos where the person doesn’t even smile once.

So make a mental note and try to smile a few times in your video.

When you first meet someone and introduce yourself,

Several times in your post, as well as at the conclusion.

Bring out the smile to make it seem as if you’re enjoying the video phase. It’s how you’d greet people in real life, and it’s crucial to convey the warmth in your video with a smile.


7. Waffling on

People normally do this when they haven’t given enough thought about what they want to say.

They have a flash of inspiration, it pops into their heads, and they simply click the record button and start talking.

Sorry, but a thought in your mind is not the same as a scheduled post, and that’s when you’re most likely to ramble. We’re all short of time, so schedule your message ahead of time, stick to the point, and don’t go on and on.

That’s what there is to it. My top seven vlogging blunders to avoid.

I hope this information was useful. If you enjoyed this video, please consider sharing it with others to help them. And if you found this video useful, please let me know in the comments section below.

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